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Mai-Ly ([personal profile] formidable) wrote2011-12-30 11:18 am
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[personal profile] psychometer ➨ Lien Kha
[personal profile] psychesout ➨ Ai Thao Kha
[personal profile] recluserose ➨ Amelia Steinbeck
[personal profile] catalystrose ➨ Briar
[personal profile] luciole ➨ Lucinda Chang
[personal profile] primarily ➨ Eun
[personal profile] nightcharm ➨ Leona Viers
[personal profile] relents ➨ Micheal DeRosiers
[personal profile] imperviously ➨ Adam Walsh
[personal profile] isadorable ➨ Isadora Blancart
[personal profile] lunesilk ➨ Tsukimura Mayu


[personal profile] alienclover ➨ Koiwai Yotsuba ➨ Yotsuba&!
[personal profile] antivancrow ➨ Zevran Arainai ➨ Dragon Age: Origins
[personal profile] kinslayedme ➨ Warden F!Aeducan ➨ Dragon Age: Origins
[personal profile] aradiate ➨ Aradia Megido ➨ MSPA Homestuck
[personal profile] grimsylph ➨ Kanaya Maryam ➨ MSPA Homestuck
[personal profile] arctype ➨ Arcueid Brunestud ➨ Tsukihime
[personal profile] bloodinversion ➨ Tohno Akiha ➨ Tsukihime
[personal profile] reiner_rubin ➨ Shinku ➨ Rozen Maiden
[personal profile] seraphimed ➨ Nill ➨ DOGS: Bullets & Carnage
[personal profile] sumireverse ➨ Takahana Sumire ➨ Venus Versus Virus
[personal profile] sightful ➨ Lilly Satou ➨ Katawa Shoujo
[personal profile] yakumon ➨ Tsukamoto Yakumo ➨ School Rumble
[personal profile] setups ➨ Takano Akira ➨ School Rumble
[personal profile] crescentkick ➨ Kazama Asuka ➨ Tekken
[personal profile] spellcast ➨ Sabrina Spellman ➨ Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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